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White-Label Mobile Apps

Beautiful and fully customizable Android and iOS applications for your customers.

Connected Telematics

State-of-the-art telematics for mileage-based billing, security and usage restriction enforcement.

Operations and Logistics Dashboard

Advanced software for customer qualification, reservation, logistics and predictive maintenance.

Multi-Location Support

Launch at one location or with a network of locations. FreshCar will grow with your operations.

Optional Insurance Offering

An optional auto insurance offering integrated with the FreshCar car subscription platform.

Secure and Compliant

FreshCar is built with bank-grade security to comply with data privacy and security standards.

Gig Economy Rentals

The FreshCar vehicle subscription platform offers a new approach to make vehicle assets available for gig economy workers.

Dealer Subscriptions

The FreshCar car subscription management system is the foundation of a new, diversified and growing business model for retailers.

Extended Test Drives

The FreshCar car subscription software opens a new way to market new vehicle models and technology to customers.

Auto Week

Sharon Silke Carty

"Are car subscriptions the next frontier in ownership? Subscription services were the hottest announcement at the LA Auto Show."


Christina Bonnington

"You will no longer lease a car. You will subscribe to it. An excellent way to simplify the car ownership experience."

NY Daily News

Brian Chee

"The subscription economy claims another victim, driven by demand for transportation options that save time and create choice."


Julie Walmsley

"4 in 5 millennials don't want to share a car. Carma offers monthly use of a car in a new subscription model."

Deployed in Multiple Cities

The FreshCar subscription platform powers Carma Car, one of the first subscription programs deployed in multiple cities.

Deeply Experienced Team

The FreshCar team brings years of experience in computer science, auto retail and residual value forecasting.

Part of Techstars Mobility

FreshCar is backed by Techstars Mobility, the premiere accelerator for automotive startups in partnership with Ford, Honda and Siemens.

Embrace the Future of Ownership.

FreshCar gives you a turnkey platform to enter the world of mobility as a service.